West Geauga Commons Park Rules and Regulations

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It Shall Be Unlawful:

1. To enter, use, or occupy West Geauga Commons for any purpose when said lands are posted against such entry, use or occupancy as determined by the board.

2. To destroy, damage, or to remove any tree, shrub, wild flower, or other vegetation or to destroy, damage, deface, or remove any park property.

3. For any person to enter or remain in the Park between the hours dark and sunrise.

4. To peddle or solicit business of any nature, or to distribute handbills, or other advertising matter. To post signs on any lands, structures or property, or to use such areas as a base of commercial operations, or to charge admission to any activity without written permission of any authorized representative of the Board of Trustees.

5. For any persons to possess or consume alcoholic beverages of any kind, to be intoxicated or to engage in any violent, abusive, loud, boisterous, vulgar, lewd, wanton, obscene, or otherwise disorderly conduct tending to create a breach of the peace or to disturb or annoy others. To lounge, sit or lie upon walkways, passages, or steps, or to obstruct the free passage of others. To build fires except in designated places as approved by an authorized representative of the Board of Trustees.

6. To litter or deposit refuse or waste material in receptacles provided for park users, which has been accumulated outside the Park.

7. For any person to possess a glass container of any kind, within West Geauga Commons Park lands.

8. To operate or park motor vehicles except on roads or designated parking areas. To operate a motor vehicle on any park road or parking lot at a speed exceeding ten (10) miles per hour (ORC 4511.21G), or in an otherwise unsafe manner. When a motor vehicle is found parked in any Park or recreational area, the registration plate displayed on the vehicle shall constitute prima facie evidence that the owner of the vehicle was the person who parked or placed it on the location where found.

9. To operate any off the road vehicle such as a mini bike, motorcycle, snowmobile, amphibious vehicle etc. within the boundaries of the Park.

10. To possess a dog or other animal in the Park unless the same is under immediate control on a leash not exceeding (6) six feet in length. To leave a dog or other animal unattended at any time. Animal owner shall be responsible for removal and disposing of, in a sanitary manner, any excrement deposited by the animal in any area of the Park.

11. To ride or exercise horses.

12. To (a) carry or have in possession a firearm, (b) shoot a gun, gas gun, springloaded gun, or slingshot, or (c) shoot with a bow and arrow.

13. To hunt, trap, kill, wound, capture, or intentionally disturb or harm any bird, animal, or other wildlife.

14. To camp within the park without a written permit issued by an authorized representative of the Board of Trustees.

15. To use access road for other than emergency or maintenance vehicles.

16. To use fields without permits, or to use fields when deemed unplayable by members of the Board.

17. To play baseball games on the Soccer Fields.

18. To Golf on any of the athletic fields.

19. To practice any sport including soccer on the soccer fields.

Violation of any rule or failure to perform any act set forth in the rules is punishable by a fine of not more than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000), damages, and costs of prosecution, or by imprisonment in the County Jail for not more than ninety (90) days, or by both fines and imprisonment at the discretion of the court.


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