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P.O. Box 384





Date:  January 17, 2023




















                   SECTION A – INVITATION TO BID


                   SECTION C – BID FORM




          SITE PLAN





























The Board will receive sealed bids from contractors for the maintenance to the developed areas of the property known as the “West Geauga Commons” (WGC) under the direction of the Board for a period of one year from April 1, 2023 through March 31, 2024.  The Board, at its sole discretion, may renew the Contract for a period of one year terminating on March 31, 2025.  The said option to renew shall be effective upon notice to the Contractor in writing no later than March 1, 2024.  The cost to maintain any future expansion of the property will be negotiated if and when the expansion occurs.


All proposals shall be in accordance with the specifications, prepared by The West Geauga Community Joint Recreation District Board.


All bids shall be “Lump Sum Costs” and “Per Time Basis Costs” (See Section C– Bid Form).


The Board will receive sealed bids until 4:00 pm. On Tuesday, March 7, 2023 at the Chester Township Town Hall, 12701 Chillicothe Road, Chesterland, Ohio.  All bids received after this time will be returned to the bidder unopened.  The Contract is scheduled to be awarded Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at the Board’s Monthly scheduled meeting.


All perspective Bidders must maintain insurance coverage in accordance with the bid specifications for the duration of the contract.   A performance bond from the successful Bidder is required.


To be considered, bids must be made on forms furnished by the Board.


The West Geauga Community Joint Recreation District Board reserves the right to waive informalities, to accept or reject any and all parts of any and all bids.


No bids may be withdrawn for at least sixty (60) days after the receipt of bids.








  • The term “Board” shall mean West Geauga Community Joint Recreation District Board.
  • The “Contractor” shall mean Maintenance Contractor.
  • Bidding Documents include this specification manual in its entirety and any addendum issued prior to acceptance of bids.
  • Addenda are written or graphic instruments issued by the Board prior to the execution of the contract which modify or interpret the Bidding Documents by addition, deletion, clarifications or corrections.
  • A Bid is a complete and properly signed proposal to do the work or designated portion thereof for the sums stipulated therein, submitted in accordance with the Bidding Documents.
  • The Base Bid is the sum stated in the Bid for which the Bidder offers to perform the Work described in the Bidding Documents as the base, to which work may be added or from which work may be deleted for sums stated in Alternate Bids.
  • A Unit Price is an amount stated in the Bid as a price per unit of measurement for materials or services as described in the Bidding Documents or in the proposed contract Documents.
  • A Bidder is a person or entity who submits a bid.
  • LAWN AREAS – The lawn areas to be addressed in this proposal are defined as follows:
  1. a) UPPER COMMON AREA – The developed area bounded by Chillicothe Road on the

     East, the upper Soccer Field on the West, and the cleared property limits on the North and   


  1. PAVILION AREA – The developed area with a picnic shelter on the west side of the

            upper parking lot.

  1. PLAYGROUND AREA – The developed area north west of the pavilion area with

            playground equipment and enclosed sand base.

  1. FIELD #1 – UPPER SOCCER FIELD AREA – The developed area bounded by the

            Upper Common Area on the East, the Upper Parking Area on the West, the Junior Soccer   

            Field on the North, and the Access Road on the South.

  1. e) JUNIOR SOCCER FIELD – The developed area bounded by the Upper Common Area on   

            the East, the Soccer Field 2 Area on the West, the trail on the North, the Soccer Field 1      

            on the South.

  1. FIELD #2 – LOWER SOCCER FIELD AREA – The developed area bounded by the

      Jogging Trail on the East, the tree line of the Baseball Field on the West, the Jogging   

      Trail on the North, and the Lower parking Area on the South.

  1. g) FIELD #3 - BASEBALL FIELD AREA – The Developed area bounded by the foot of the

      hill at the tree line on the East, the River on the West, the tree line on the North, and the    

      foot of the hill at the tree line on the south.

  1. JOGGING TRAIL AREA – The edges of the Jogging Trail for a distance of

      approximately 48 inches on each side unless a natural obstruction interferes.  The total    

      length of the trail will be considered a lawn area to be maintained under this proposal.

     Maintain width of trail surface with a minimum of six (6) feet.



  1. i) ACCESS ROAD AND PARKING AREAS – The developed areas surrounding the Access

    Road, Upper Parking Area, Lower Parking Area, and the Baseball Parking Area that are    

    not specified in any other area will be included as lawn area to be maintained under this    


  1. j) MAINTENANCE BUILDING AREA – The developed area surrounding the Maintenance


  1. VOLLEYBALL COURTS – The developed area between the courts and the parking lot

     and to the trees on the west and south.

  1. BASKETBALL COURTS – the developed area south of the volleyball courts.




  1. The Contractor must have its principal place of business in the State of Ohio and be

     qualified to carry out all the obligations and duties hereunder.  It will be the Contractor’s   

     responsibility to insure compliance with park rules and regulations at all times while    

     Contractor is present on the park property.

  1. The Contractor shall be equipped with either a pager or cellular phone. He shall respond to a

     board member, when contacted, as soon as possible.

  1. The Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, tools, equipment, supervision and

     transportation required to maintain the West Geauga Commons in an attractive condition  

     throughout all seasons of the year.  The maintenance work described in these specifications

     shall be performed as a continuous and constant program throughout the contract.

  1. The Contractor shall conform with all applicable federal, state and local environmental regulations including but not limited to regulations of the United States EPA and the Ohio EPA.  The Contractor shall further conform with all applicable provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).  The Contractor shall further conform with all   Workers Compensation laws and regulations of the State of Ohio and shall maintain on file at the company offices a current certificate indicating compliance with all regulations which certificate will be available for inspection by the Board upon reasonable notice to inspect same.
  1. If contractor fails to comply as herein required, the Board may terminate, cancel or suspend, in whole or in part, the contract and the contractor shall have no claim for damages, lost profits, expenses, etc. by means of such cancellation, termination or suspension.
  1. The Board may terminate the Contractor if the conduct of the Contractor is in violation of any criminal statute or guilty of moral turpitude.  A serious or intentional violation of any law,rule regulation, constitutional provision, bylaw or interpretation of the State of Ohio and the Board which violation may, in sole judgment of the board, include any serious violation which may result in the Board being placed on probation by the State.    
  1. “Property” and “West Geauga Commons” shall be and mean the property that is the subject matter of this contract.





  1. Contractor shall indemnify the Commons and the Board and hold them harmless from and against any claims, actions, damages, liability and expense related to loss, damage or injury to persons or property on or in the Commons arising from Contractor’s operation or its omissions or that of its employees, agents, or contractors. The Contractor agrees to maintain insurance of the types and the limits shown below, with insurance companies authorized to do business in the State of Ohio.  Such insurance company must be listed with and maintain an A.M. Best Company rating of A- or better. 


            General (Public) Liability Insurance                          $2,000,000 Combined Limit

            Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance             $2,000,000 Combined Limit

            Ohio Worker’s Compensation Insurance                   Statutory limits

            Umbrella Liability Insurance                                      $2,000,000 Combined Limit





  1. References from customers for whom you have performed work of a similar scope must be included with the bid. Include addresses and phone numbers.





  1. Include statements of any terms or conditions which apply to payments or other matters not explicit in this document on which your bid is based.                        





To:       West Geauga Community Joint Recreation District

  1. O. Box 384

            Chesterland, Ohio 44026



            14070 Chillicothe Road

            Russell, Ohio 44072


SUBMITTED BY: ______________________________________________________________

                                          (Contractor Name)                                                               (Date)


     Having carefully examined the Contract Documents dated Wednesday, January 17, 2023, and all Addenda to said Documents and having visited the site and examined all conditions affecting the Work, the undersigned hereby proposes and agrees to furnish all materials, tools, equipment, apparatus, appliances, transportation, labor, and supervision required for the maintenance of the Work as bid for the following amounts:




BASE BID ________________________________________________________



            A – General maintenance Cost

            B – Weekly Maintenance Cost

            C – Other Services (BASE BID)




            C – Other Services (Per Time Basis)


  1. PAINTING OF FIELD LINES PER FIELD _____________________________________


  1. RAKING OF SAND VOLLEYBALL COURTS __________________________________


  1. RAKING OF SAND PLAYGROUND __________________________________________


  1. INSECT CONTROL ________________________________________________________


  1. WEED REMOVAL _________________________________________________________


  1. PAVILION SET UP AND CLEAN UP __________________________________________





BASE BID ________________________________________________________



             A – General maintenance Cost

             B – Weekly Maintenance Cost

             C – Other Services (BASE BID)




             C – Other Services (Per Time Basis)


  1. PAINTING OF FIELD LINES PER FIELD ____________________________________


  1. RAKING OF SAND VOLLEYBALL COURTS __________________________________


  1. RAKING OF SAND PLAYGROUND __________________________________________


  1. INSECT CONTROL ________________________________________________________


  1. WEED REMOVAL _________________________________________________________


  1. PAVILION SET UP AND CLEAN UP __________________________________________



The undersigned acknowledges receipt of the following Addenda, and the cost, if any, of such revisions has been included in the bid sum:


Addendum No. ________________________________   Dated _____________________


Addendum No. ________________________________  Dated _____________________


In submitting this Bid, the Undersigned agrees to the following:

  1. That this Bid is based upon the Contract Documents without exception, except for substitutions approved by the Board prior to submittal of this Bid.
  2. To hold this Bid open for sixty (60) days following the time and date designated for the receipt of Bids.
  3. To accept the provisions of the “Instructions to Bidders”
  4. There has been no Collusion in the preparation of this bid.


CONTRACTOR: _______________________________________________________

BY: _______________________________________________  TITLE ____________________

ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________


Dated this ________________________ day of ___________________, 20











  1. All work of this section shall consist of furnishing all materials, labor and services       

           necessary for and reasonably incidental to the maintenance of Lawns and Planting as

           specified herein.




  1. Provide at least one person who shall be present at all times during execution of this portion of the Work.  He or she shall be thoroughly familiar with the type of materials being installed and the proper materials and methods for their installation and who shall direct all work performed under this section.
  2. All planting material shall meet the specifications of Federal, State, and county laws requiring inspection for plant disease and insect control.
  3. Contractor shall submit, prior to April 1 of the year contracted, a maintenance schedule which shall designate proposed dates for (1) aeration & overseeding, (4) fertilization applications, (2) weed removal applications, and (4) insect control spraying as described below.




  1. Deliver all items to the job site in their original containers with all labels intact and legible at the time of inspection.
  1. Immediately remove from the site all materials, which do not comply with the specified requirements.
  2. Protect plant materials before, during and after installation.
  3. Maintain current Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)




  1. Provide a uniform stand of grass by watering, mowing and maintaining lawn areas until final acceptance.  Reseed areas, with specified materials, which fail to provide uniform stand of grass until Board accepts all affected areas.  






  1. The maintenance fertilizer for the sports fields should have N: P: K ratio of 4-1-2 or 3.

      At least 30 to 50% of the nitrogen source should be slow release, except for late fall

      application, which should have a higher proportion of quick release nitrogen.     

      Applications should be made per the fertilizer manufacturer’s recommendations to meet    

      grass quality specifications of part 1B2.  Fertilizer must be applied by a licensed





B         SEED


  1. All grass seed shall be free from noxious weeds, grade A recent crop, cleaned, and treated with appropriate fungicide at time of mixing. Deliver to the site in sealed containers with dealer’s guaranteed analysis.
  2. Seeding Mixture: 40% Kentucky Bluegrass, 20% Pennlawn Red Fescue, 40% Pennfine Rye applied at the rate of 5lbs./1000 S.F.  Fertilize W/8-8-16 at 10 lbs. per 1000 S.F.




  1. All other materials not specifically described but required for a complete and proper installation shall be as selected by the contractor subject to the approval of the Board.


D         WATER


  1. Free of matter harmful to plant growth.




  1. All maintenance equipment to be used for this project will be of commercial grade type turf equipment.  A tractor equipped with a front-end loader must be available at all times for miscellaneous work within the park.  Equipment may be stored in the Maintenance Building.




A         GENERAL MAINTENANCE – The work to be performed as maintenance under this proposal is defined as follows:


  1. MOWING – The grass in the lawn areas will be cut to a length of approx. 2 ½” in such a manner as to leave the developed land undisturbed and free of excessive grass clippings.  Clippings that remain visible for more than one (1) day will be considered excessive.  The mowing season will run from April 1st through November 15th.
  2. TRIMMING – All grass surrounding permanent objects within a lawn area that is not cut by mowing will be trimmed with a string type trimmer to the height of the surrounding grass.  The trimming will be done on such a manner as to minimize any damage to both the object being trimmed around and the grass being trimmed.
  3. AERATION & OVERSEEDING – The lawn areas to be aerated will be done with a plug-removing type aerator to provide maximum effectiveness.  The aeration will be done one time per year, in the autumn, in such a manner as to prevent damage to any area not considered lawn.  Overseeding shall be done once a year in the autumn.  The seeding used shall be as described in part 2B2 Seed.


  1. FERTILIZATION – The fertilization used will be described in part 2A1 Fertilizer, combined with a broad-spectrum weed control agent to provide maximum benefits with no adverse environmental effects.  The Baseball and the three Soccer Fields (approximately 400,000 square feet) bounded by the field stripes will be placed upon a fertilization program consisting of four (4) applications approximately seven (7) weeks apart. Type and application to be approved by the board.
  1. REST ROOMS CLEANING – The Rest Rooms pit cesspools will be pumped as soon after signing of the contract as possible, and will be pumped as required thereafter.  The Rest Room fixtures and floor will be cleaned with a disinfectant cleaner and rinsed with clear water every day.  Contractor will provide toilet tissue in adequate supply daily.
  2. TRASH REMOVAL – A three (3) cubic yard “dumpster”, provided by Contractor, will be placed in the area of the Maintenance Building and be locked for security.  All trash and debris will be checked daily from the lawn areas and the trash barrels and will be emptied into the “dumpster” as needed.  A commercial contractor will remove the trash and debris deposited into the “dumpster” from the property twice a week.
  1. OTHER AREAS – Areas not specifically noted as in need of preparation or maintenance, but that are clearly areas that should be cleaned up or maintained to promote the overall appearance of the WGC will be done on an ‘area at a time” – basis over the course of the season as required at no additional cost to the Board.
  1. SPRING CLEAN UP – Clean up of flood or winter damage within the entire park.
  2. JOGGING TRAIL AREA – The Jogging Trail area will be cleaned of brush where possible to provide the mowing areas of approx. 48” on each side of the trail.
  3. INSTALL VOLLEYBALL NETS – The nets are to be installed May 1 and remove them on October 1.  They are to be stored in the Maintenance Building.
  4. INSTALL SOCCER NETS – The nets are provided by the Board and are to be installed by April 7 and removed on or after November 1.
  5. CLEANING OF PARK EQUIPMENT – Power wash three times per year and as subsequently needed:  all picnic tables, grills, benches, restrooms, and playground equipment.




  1. All lawn areas as defined in GENERAL SECTION B – “Instructions to Bidders” –   “Definitions”, part 9 – “Lawn Areas” will be mowed and trimmed every four (4) days during April and May and every five (5) days thereafter through out the season as defined in EXECUTION A – “General Maintenance” (46 applications).
  1. All drainage ditches within the defined lawn area will be trimmed as required to keep their appearance neat and in concert with the balance of the lawn areas.  The Jogging Trail will be kept clear of all debris and fallen tree limbs that could prevent its intended use.
  1. All trash will be removed from the barrels daily and disposed of in the Dumpster – which is to be dumped twice a week.






  1. PAINTING OF FIELD LINES on three soccer fields as directed by the Board.

            BASE BID:  55 Paintings per year

  1. RAKING OF SAND VOLLEYBALL COURTS. Volleyball Courts as defined in Instructions to Bidders Section B

            BASE BID:  8 rakings per year

  1. RAKING OF SAND PLAYGROUND. Playground as defined as Instructions to Bidders 

     Section B

            BASE BID:  40 rakings per year

  1. INSECT CONTROL – North, Northwest, and Southwest sector of Jogging Trail as needed.

            BASE BID:  4 sprayings per year

  1. WEED REMOVAL – An environmentally safe chemical application where applicable (parking areas, park benches, exercise station, jogging trail, bleachers) otherwise hand pick (baseball infield, and Pavilion).

            BASE BID:  2 removals per year

  1. PAVILION SET UP AND CLEAN UP DURING SCHEDULED USES – Extra barrels are to be set out around the pavilion immediately prior to the scheduled use of the pavilion.  The trash barrels are to be dumped immediately following the scheduled use of the pavilion.  The rest rooms are to be cleaned and supplied with toilet tissue as needed during the entire scheduled use of the pavilion.

            BASE BID:  40 pavilion setups and cleanups per year.



 This term shall refer to items required outside of the annual general maintenance contract such as:

            * Replacement of trees, bushes, signs or fencing.

* Infrastructure repairs or replacements including buildings, parking lot resealing or sealcoating, restriping, or major improvements to structures and fields that are outside of normal maintenance and  upkeep. 

These improvements are not a part of the annual maintenance contract bid but may be agreed to by the board with the approved maintenance contractor if they are deemed capable and cost effective as the need occurs.











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