JANUARY 18, 2021

President Greg Poe called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm at the West Geauga Library meeting room.  Board members present – Mick Benitez-Santana, Ed Curtis, John Gromek, Rick Izant, Linda Palchick, Greg Poe and Sara Sustin. Jason Abate also in attendance.

Ryan McGinnis gave the Board all his paperwork and supplies regarding his Eagle Scout project at the Commons; Beautiful tree ID signs along the walking trail.  The Eagle Board of Review has approved his project.  Now the National Eagle Board of Review will approve.  There was a nice article about Ryan’s project in the Maple Leaf.  The Board thanked him for the excellent job; a great addition to our park.

The minutes from the December meeting presented.  Mick Benitez-Santana motioned to accept the minutes.  Rick Izant seconded.  Vote was taken:  Mick, yes; Ed, yes; John, yes; Rick, yes; Linda, yes; Greg, yes; Sara, yes. All in favor, motion carried. 

The December treasurer’s report was distributed by Treasurer Ed Curtis. The treasurer’s report showed:  Ending checking balance: $29,783.03; Total disbursements: $1,673.68; Total deposits: $0; Encumbered funds: $0; Unencumbered funds: $51,493.22.  Linda Palchick motioned to accept the treasurer’s report; John Gromek motioned to accept the treasurer’s report.  Vote was taken:  Mick, yes; Ed, yes; John, yes; Rick, yes; Linda, yes; Greg, yes; Sara, yes. All in favor, motion carried. 

Rick Izant motioned to pay the following bills:                                                                                 

Monica Gromek                         Jan. minutes                             $25.00                                    

Geauga County                          Park lease                                  $  1.00                                           

Abate Landscaping                    doggie bags                              $148.68

Linda Palchick seconded.  Vote was taken: Mick, yes; Ed, yes; John, yes; Rick, yes; Linda, yes; Greg, yes; Sara, yes. All in favor, motion carried.

Ed Curtis explained to the Board the 2021 operating results filed with the State.  We have met all State of Ohio requirements.  This is the year of the 2020-2021 State audit in April 2022.

Ed Curtis distributed the Expense Details for 2021; a breakdown of the General Fund Expenditures totaling $66,118.53

A copy of the Certificate of the Total Amount from All Sources Available for Expenditures, and Balances was distributed; followed by explanation of monies reported.  This will be submitted to the County this month. 

Discussion of 2022 funds.  Anticipated are revenues coming from Newbury, as that school district is now part of the West Geauga School District. 

The Board of Trustees of the West Geauga Joint Community Recreation District, Geauga County, Ohio, met in Regular Session on the 18th day of January 2022, at the Geauga West Library with following members present:     Ed Curtis      John Gromek            Greg Poe               Sara Sustin     Linda Palchick     Rick Izant                  Mick Benitez-Santana                                                                                               

Linda Palchick moved to adopt the following Resolution:                                                                                                     Geauga County, Ohio, that to provide for the current expenses and other expenditures of said Board of Trustees, during the fiscal year, ending December 31st, 2022, the following sums be and same are hereby set aside and appropriated for the several purposes for which expenditures are to be made for and during said fiscal year, as follows, viz:                                          That there be appropriated from the:                        

                                                General Fund

1000  Maintenance $77,600.00

2000  Insurance      $  3,900.00

3000  Misc.             $  1,500.00

Grand Total General Fund               $83,000.00                                                                                                                   

1   Capital Fund                                              .00                                                                                                                             


Grand Total All Funds                         $83,000.00

Rick Izant seconded the Resolution and the roll called upon its adoption; the vote resulted as follows:

Ed Curtis Yes      John Gromek Yes         Greg Poe-Yes      Sara Sustin-Yes      Mick Benitez-Santana Yes    Linda Palchick Yes         Rick Izant-Yes

Discussion was held of the 2022 projects at the Park.  A list of needed projects will be gathered and kept on File.  As monies become available, the projects will be done.  Pickle Ball is the newest popular sport. Jason Abate said not all 3 volleyball courts are used.  Suggests possible paving one court for pickle ball. 

Ideas include: Merry Go Round replacement; New sign outpost, basketball court reseal and striped; chip n seal of parking lot, asphalt paving of the trail, New grills.

Facilities – Linda Palchick                     No report

Maintenance – John Gromek and Jason Abate                                                                             Jason Abate reported plowing 2 ft of snow from the recent snowstorm.

Website – Mick Benitez Santana reports all the meeting minutes are posted and up to date.  Needs board members pictures.

Park Sign – Sara Sustin remains in conversation with Auburn Career Center on this project.

Ed Curtis motioned for meeting adjournment at 7:35 pm.  Linda Palchick seconded.  Vote was taken: Mick, yes; Ed, yes; John, yes; Rick, yes; Linda, yes; Greg, yes; Sara, yes. All in favor, motion carried. 

Next meeting is Tuesday, February 18, 2022 at the WG Library.

Respectfully submitted,

_____________________________            ___________________________               

Monica Gromek, clerk                                   Greg Poe, President

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