February 15, 2017   

Meeting was called to order by Vice President Bernie Mandel at 7:00 pm at the library at West Geauga High School. Roll call was taken by clerk, Monica Gromek. Board members present: Ed Curtis, Frank Formicelli, Rick Izant, Bernie Mandel, Don Drockton and Linda Palchick. Jason Abate was also present.

The minutes for the: January meeting were presented by clerk Monica Gromek. Ed Curtis motioned to accept the minutes as amended; Frank Formicelli seconded. Vote was taken: Ed, yes; Frank, yes; Rick, yes; Bernie, yes; and Linda, yes; All in favor, motion carried.

The Treasurer’s report for January was distributed by treasurer, Ed Curtis. The January treasurer’s report showed: Ending checking balance: $13,433.96; Total disbursements: $265.93; Total deposits: $0; Unencumbered funds: $39,962.47; Encumbered funds: $0. Rick Izant motioned to accept the treasurer’s report; Frank Formicelli seconded. Vote was taken: Ed, yes; Frank, yes; Rick, yes; Bernie, yes; Don; yes and Linda, yes. All in favor, motion carried.

Linda Palchick motioned the following bills be paid:

Maple Leaf                               90.00                              1 wk ad-maintenance bid                               John Gromek                            14.93                              batteries for restroom                                   Chagrin Valley Times                 42.19                              1 wk ad-maintenance bid                         Abate Landscaping                 225.00                             3 plows 75.00/ea.                       Monica Gromek                         25.00                              February 2017 minutes                 Chesterland News                     59.00                              1 wk ad-maintenance bid                

Bernie Mandel seconded the motion. Vote was taken: Ed, yes; Frank, yes; Rick, yes; Bernie, yes; Don; yes and Linda, yes. All in favor, motion carried.

Ed Curtis passed out a monthly timetable of 2017 calendar reminders of board actions to be taken monthly during the year.

Facilities – Linda Palchick

No report.

Maintenance – Jason Abate said the river flooded the baseball field a bit. The Maintenance Bid is at the Board of Education for pick up; deadline March 7th at 4:30 pm. Bids will be opened March 8th.

Rick Izant – playground

Chris Meyer from Meyer Playground was present. Company has been in business for 45 years. They do playground rehab for customers including the Cleveland Public Schools for 15-20 years. He has a crew of 17 people. Summarization of our playground: it is in fair condition. Vinyl coating is pealing/deteriorating. Painting is cosmetic but rust is on the structure. The board is not grandfathered when it comes to safety issues. The tire swing has been removed. We are grandfathered with the ADA.

Playground surface – Sand has not been used as a base in 25 years. Poured rubber access way path can be installed with sand on the sides. It would be a major rehaul to involve replacing the sand with a rubberized base. Very expensive. Parks in our area they have worked at: Metzenbaum (redid rubberized base), Park Synagogue, and Munson Park. Recycled plastic playground equipment is very sturdy. Decks have a 10 yr. manufacturer warranty. Once ordered, it will take 7-8 weeks to begin the project. Painting should be done after May. Rusted areas will be hand sanded; then a solvent sprayed painted on the surface. Chris left us 3 new catalogs of playground apparatus to look at.

Financing – Representative from Kiwanis, Chris Buckvic, was present. He asked for a monetary amount that he can take back to Kiwanis to request. Originally, he thought they would pay for the labor amount of $2850.00 (Izant first proposal) and help with the playground borders. Frank Formicelli would ask the Lions Club for maybe $1,000.00. Ed Curtis said the Joint Rec Board can use Capital Funds (8,900.00) for new structure/parts only.   Frank Formicelli said maybe we can do the playground project in phases.

Bernie Mandel suggests that Rick Izant and 3 other board members review these catalogs to see what we want to install. Then we can look at the financing.   Linda Palchick stated that Rec. Council, Soccer Club and Baseball Federation should be asked for support – they use our fields. Kiwanis Club helped with playgrounds at Lindsey School and Metzenbaum playgrounds.

Rick Izant summarized that having a Skateboard Park at The Commons would be too costly. Our insurance would be raised for Hazardous Recreation Use. Bernie Mandel is concerned about the liability and kids from all over would congregate at the park.

Jason Abate reported that the creek by the shed washed over the Maintenance Shed drive. Gravel in the parking lot was washed to one side.

Don Drockton reported the EPA is happy with our submitted restroom report.

At our March 15 meeting, athletic representatives will be present at 7:30 pm.

Ed Curtis motioned for meeting adjournment at 8:05 pm. Rick Izant seconded. Vote was taken. Ed, yes; Frank, yes; Rick, yes; Bernie, yes; Don; yes and Linda, yes. All in favor, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,


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Monica Gromek, clerk                                      Bernie Mandel, Vice President


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