September 21, 2016 

Meeting was called to order by President Walt Waetjen at 7:00 pm at the pavilion of The Commons Park. Roll call was taken by clerk, Monica Gromek. Board members present: Linda Palchick, Bernie Mandel, Rick Izant, Ed Curtis & Don Drockton. Jason Abate was also present.

The minutes for the August meeting were presented by clerk Monica Gromek. Ed Curtis motioned to accept the minutes; Rick Izant seconded. Vote was taken: Walt, yes; Linda, yes; Bernie, yes; Don, yes; Rick, yes; Ed, yes. All in favor, motion carried.

The Treasurer’s report for August was distributed by treasurer, Ed Curtis. The August treasurer’s report showed: Ending checking balance: $29,635.63; Total disbursements: $7,955.60; Total deposits: $26,325.15; Unencumbered funds: $41,258.58; Encumbered funds: $14,900.00. Bernie Mandel motioned to accept the treasurer’s report; Linda Palchick seconded. Vote was taken: Walt, yes; Linda, yes; Bernie, yes; Don, yes; Rick, yes; Ed, yes. All in favor, motion carried.

Linda Palchick motioned the following bills be paid:

Monica Gromek                          August Minutes                                          $   25.00

Abate Landscaping                     Paint Volleyball Goals and Winches         $  989.49

Alt Media                                     Website                                                     $ 330.60

 Asphalt Fabricators                    Phase A parking lot A paving                    $8000.00

 Asphalt Fabricators                    Phase B parking lot C paving                    $5300.00               

Rick Izant seconded.   Vote was taken: Walt, yes; Linda, yes; Bernie, yes; Don, yes; Rick, yes; Ed, yes. All in favor, motion carried.

Clerk Monica Gromek read the Resolution Accepting the Amounts and Rates as determined by the Budget Commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the County Auditor.

          The Board of Trustees of the West Geauga Joint Recreation District, Geauga County, Ohio, met in regular session on the 21st day of September 2016 at the West Geauga Commons Pavilion with the following members present: Walt       Waetjen, Ed Curtis Don Drockton, Rick Izant, Bernie Mandel, Linda Palchick.

            Mr. Bernie Mandel moved the adoption of the following Resolution: RESOLVED, By the Board of Trustees of the West Geauga Joint Recreation District, Geauga County Ohio, in accordance with the provisions of law has previously adopted a Tax Budget for the next succeeding fiscal year commencing on January 1st, 2017; and WHEREAS, The Budget Commission of Geauga County, Ohio, has certified its action thereon to this Board together with an estimate by the County Auditor of the rate of each tax necessary to be levied by this Board, and what part thereof is without, and what part within the ten mill tax limitation; therefore, be it RESOLVED, By the Board of Trustees of the West Geauga Joint Recreation District, Geauga County, Ohio that the amounts and rates, as determined by the Budget Commission in its certification, be and the same are hereby accepted; and be it further RESOLVED, That there be and is hereby levied on the tax duplicate of said District the rate of each tax necessary to be levied within and without the ten mill limitation as     follows:

            SCHEDULE A Summary of Amounts Required from General Property Tax Approved by Budget Commission, and County Auditors Estimated Tax Rates.  

FUND: Park Levy Fund $ 64,708.00.   County Auditor’s Estimate of Tax Rate to be Levied: 0.20. TOTAL: $ 64,708.00. 

SCHEDULE B Levies outside 10 mill Limitation, Exclusive of Debt Levies                                                                             FUND: 1988 Recreation Fund: Levy authorized by voters on November 6, 2012 not to exceed 5 years. Maximum Rate Authorized to be levied: 0.20. County Auditor’s Estimate of Yield of Levy: $ 64,708.00.

            And be it further RESOLVED, that the Fiscal Officer of this Board be and is hereby directed to certify a copy of this Resolution to the County Auditor of said County.

            Mr. Don Drockton seconded the Resolution and the roll being called upon its adoption the vote resulted as follows:

            Mr. Walt Waetjen, yes; Mr. Ed Curtis, yes; Mr. Don Drockton, yes; Mr. Rick Izant, yes; Mr. Bernie Mandel, yes; Mrs. Linda Palchick, yes.

            Adopted the 21st day of September, 2016


The Board discussed possible projects for 2017: Chip n seal: $7K more to do the driveway. Drain needs to be done. There are a few spots to repair holes/cracks to be done before paving next spring. Jason Abate can cold patch the hole by the grate this year. Walt Waetjen will ask Bill Gillespie to review the pipe and what needs to be done to repair it.

Facilities – Linda Palchick

Soccer has games remaining to 10/23 for children and 10/30 for Rec Council. Monies from the Skills Camp have been received.

Maintenance –

Jason Abate painted the soccer goals and installed the volleyball winches. Deck boards on judges’ chairs are repaired. Trails are raked. Weeds have been sprayed. Discussion held on the baseball diamond (dirt). Jason asked the Board if that infield would be tarped, it would keep the weeds out over the winter.

2 times cars have driven on the volleyball court. Can rocks be placed in front of the courts? The steps to the press box at the baseball field are broken. The scorekeeper’s box needs a new lock on the door. Branches are close to the field.

Monica Gromek reported that John Gromek has placed our Board’s monthly minutes up to date on the website. Plus the rate schedule for our use of fields.

New board member next month from the Board of Education will be Frank Formicelli. Frank wants to promote more field usage of all our fields.

A letter was read from Jan Kaminiski. Thanked the Board for keeping WG Commons in great shape. She walks her dogs daily at the park. However, are we using harmful herbicides on the grass where the kids play sports? Then it leeches into the river.   Walt Waetjen explained our protocol on the grass applications. Jason Abate checks with Linda Palchick on the games scheduled. Lawn Matters has been doing the fields for a few years now and applies treatments very early in the morning. Board held discussion on weed killers. Don Drockton agreed with not using week killers. Bernie Mandel suggested getting an updated MSDS sheet, and post it updating the current information on our website. Don suggested contacting Jan Kaminski that maybe she could do some research on this subject.

Bernie Mandel motioned for meeting adjournment at 7:40 pm. Don Drockton seconded. Vote was taken: Walt, yes; Linda, yes; Bernie, yes; Don, yes; Rick, yes; Ed, yes. All in favor, motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,


__________________________                   ___________________________

Monica Gromek, clerk                                        Walt Waetjen, Chairperson




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